[ts-ann] shim-071214 announced

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Sat Dec 15 12:00:10 EST 2007

We announce shim-071214

Changes: Fix 'next' command; re-enable the test modes; fix bug 
in order cancellation; begin modifications to implement 64-bit 
order ids. This is not a full release, but is done rather so 
that interested parties can follow along in the code.

We gratefully acknowledge the comments and feedback work of 
Nils Gebhardt on the topic of order robustness (something we 
had not stressed yet), and to which he brings a fresh approach 
on usage; while we are still 'in process', the changes in 
order management which his comments caused us to address, it 
seems likely to greatly enhance the shim.  Thanks.

As always, we hope for others to join us -- the general
mailing list is the most community friendly way to do so.

As always, the latest tarball is at
and prior releases in the ./attic/

We thank you for your interest; we welcome feedback,
questions, constructive criticism, and comment.  Please
consider joining in the fun publicly.

-- The trading-shim team

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