[ts-ann] shim-071221 announced

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Tue Dec 25 21:48:03 EST 2007

We announce shim-071221

Changes: The work done to address Nils' order progress 
request has yielded fruit;  We continue the move to the 64 bit 
order-id space, and in the refactoring to get there uncovered 
issues with both open orders, and with the news command; this 
daily is much to be preferred to others from earlier this month.

Also we pick up some new message versions in TWS ver. 880.5 in 
passing, which we would have just as soon had deferred until 
after the 64 bit drill-in was done;  ah well.

As always, we hope for others to join us -- the general
mailing list is the most community friendly way to do so.

As always, the latest tarball is at
and prior releases in the ./attic/

We thank you for your interest; we welcome feedback,
questions, constructive criticism, and comment.  Please
consider joining in the fun publicly.

-- The trading-shim team

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