[ts-ann] freshmeat matters

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Thu Nov 29 16:31:22 EST 2007

I received a 'ping' email from a link checker robot at 
FreshMeat today, saying it could not find the release tarball 
which I had announced few days ago.  Not surprising -- we had 
issued a new minor daily 'slipstream' as has been our practice 
for the last couple years.

Seemingly they have changed their policy and want me to update 
the FreshMeat record, _each_ time a new daily interim release 
appears, and an old one is taken down.  I'll figure out a way 
to automate this, but it is ... a nuisance for the moment.

For subscribers who are also on the FreshMeat announce list (I 
know that there are a couple who overlap with this list), I 
wanted to pass a heads up that you'll see from FreshMeat, 
notices about tarballs mailed which are not mentioned here 
(after we had functionality driled in, and have cut over to 
buildout of details, we have tried to limit the number of 
announcements on this list to one a month, unless we have more 
than one development series finish in a month).  I don't want 
'release fatigue' for either our user or tester/ developer 
communities, by 'nickel and dimeing' all subscribers with too 
much email.

We hope for others to join us -- the general mailing list is 
the most community friendly way to do so.

As always, the latest tarball is at
and prior releases in the ./attic/

We thank you for your interest; we welcome feedback,
questions, constructive criticism, and comment.  Please
consider joining in the fun publicly.

-- The trading-shim team

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