[ts-gen] Segmentation fault after submitting an order

Jordi Sanfeliu jordi at fibranet.cat
Wed Jul 7 10:40:07 EDT 2010

Many thanks Russ for your reply to my previous post. I guess that it has 
a lower priority since the error message didn't appeared anymore and all 
is working fine here, including the new 'past' command that now even 
works much better than before. Many thanks for this improvement.

I found the explanation of the 'past' command very useful and clear as 
water and I really miss a similar explanation for the 'order' command 
(and others).

What follows is the transcription of the execution of the three 'order' 
lines in the exs/0510 script:

$ ./shim --risk

           The trading shim has connected to the database server and
           loaded  51624 products.  The IB tws offered api level 49,
           and connection negotiation resulted in an api level of 23
           and a client id of  8.  A query shows the account code to
           be .  Program initialization has been completed.

bind key:order1 to oid:1;
create item 1234 ibc:265598 at SMART order1 LMT 100 350.0 0.0;
For token text: [    1234] and type target [mark]
predicted token type:  str, scanner saw:  pos
Problem: 401 unexpected token text: syntax error
Problem: 418 %s tuple not found following insert
submit item order1;
Segmentation fault

Let me know if I've missed reading some post that already clarifies all 
the 'order' command.

Many thanks for your time.
Best regards.

Jordi Sanfeliu
FIBRANET Network Services Provider

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