[ts-gen] We're nearing our 1.0 release

Bill Pippin pippin at owlriver.net
Wed Nov 24 22:19:24 EST 2010

The order submission bug is fixed --- grammar rule actions
neededed to be reordered --- and there have been many changes
to the database.  There are other points about this release
that may be of interest as well; from the NEWS:

  * Update shim version to 0.99, reflecting, on the one
    hand: the simplifications to the database; use of
    exchange sets in contract lookup; grammar rules to
    document command language; grammar rules to define api
    request and message formats; and api request and message
    formats extended to provide multi-version api support,
    from api levels 17 to 49 --- all of which taken alone
    would justify a 1.0 release according to our roadmap ---
    and, on the other hand, the recent and still existing
    timestamp bug which needs to be fixed prior to 1.0. 

  * Most of the files in the lib directory have been 
    relicensed from GPLv3+ to LGPLv3+ .  Note that the
    trading-shim sources, and in particular the files in
    the src and sql directories, remain under GPLv3+
    licensing.  Only sources in the lib directory have
    moved to the lesser GPL.

  * The order submission bug has been fixed; it was due to
    incorrect reordering of grammar action symbols for the
    submit case.

  * The layout of the sql directory has changed, to reflect
    initial work on postgresql support (no, the shim does not
    yet connect to a psql database).  There are create table
    statements in both sql/mys and sql/pgs, and users are
    welcome to compare the two directories to get some idea
    of upcoming changes to the database, and work left to
    be completed.

  * Remove obsolete help text, and modify help command to print
    the same grammar text as the help option provides.  The
    syntax of the help command is now simply:


    Note that there are differences in the grammar rules for the
    command language and those for the api request and command
    formats; broadly speaking, the first is for the benefit of
    users, while the latter two are for the use of developers
    and the shim itself.

Feel free to try out this release in the near future.  Please
realize that I'll be taking an extended break from development
over the holidays; that I may not be able to make changes to
to the code for some time to come after this weekend; and with
Thanksgiving tomorrow, furthur work this week will probably be
limited as well.



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